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Iron Mind Video Podcast

A show where I’ll be discussing with you, stories & suggestion. My aim is to assist you in achieving your goals and ambitions, that you have in life.

Here on Iron MInd, we will attempt to harness a productive mindset. We will try to unlock an Iron clad psychology. We will unlock the Iron Mind we all have.

Episode List


1. How to get started

2. Self-Investment

3. Excuses

Yasir’s Horizon Seekers

Guests and I will be having interesting conversations, ┬ádiscussing their varied interest. My Intention was to support people in their journeys and interests. To give them a platform on which to voice their thoughts, to help people who haven’t had much support.


Haseeb Khokhar: Motivation & Life

Haseeb is a very good friend of mine, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years now. For the first ever show I thought who better than a man who dreams big like me. Please click the link above to see the discussion between Haseeb and I, hopefully some inspiration will be imparted to you.

Waqas Ali: Entrepreneurialism

Waqas is a young entrepreneur who is the sole proprietor of Emperor fashion, a clothing line in its infancy about to mature. Waqas has the brains of a billionaire and enough heart to become one. In this episode we learn of his journey in becoming the Emperor of fashion.




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