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Gach Rud

a picture speaks a thousand words

We all have our talents in life, they vary from person to person. Even if two people have the same talent then they still differ in style. If you have two artist one might be a conceptual artist and the other an abstract. I confess I don’t have much knowledge in either school but know that one is where the everyday is depicted in surreal conditioning and the other is concocted through dynamic envisioning. I will let you do your own research, this is simply what I think. People will respond to art and artist in different ways, depending on the style and the story they are trying to tell. In this day and age things are vastly different then they were in Leonardo Di Vinci’s day.

The invention of a camera was a marvel in the annals of history, it set forth a variety of artistic intrigue and variance. The camera went from being mounted on a tripod and being used alongside combustible material to a common thing everyone’s mobile phone has these days. However, if you want design and finesse, the camera still has its own standing in the world. The SLR is not dead, it is simply a tool of choice for the upper echelons of photographers or picture enthusiast. Most people look at cameras and feel no reverence, but those with a true desire in photography can appreciate the necessity of its presence.

There are those who consider traditional art (the stuff in galleries) to be the true form of art but now with the emergence of photography the landscape has changed yet again. For most artist, this may be considered heresy, but the same could be said about eBooks and self-publishing compared to the hard cover book and traditional publication (I, of course, speak from personal experience). Photography is no free-radical that has obstructed art, it is simply a new affirmation of art. It is true, a picture is just a picture, but for those who have a story to tell, a picture is a fragment of time forever paused.

Whilst I am no photography enthusiast, I appreciate its artistic relevance in life. From the established visionary or company, to the simple traveller on the road of life taking pictures of meaning. It is to that I make reference to, recently I have come to know a photographer. We have exchanged words on our individual talents and aspirations. Whilst there still remains an air of ambivalence in our discussions I cannot help appreciate his remarks. This is a different story, which I will leave for another post, for now we will speak of Gach Rud.

Simply put, it means ‘Everything’ in Gaelic, and for a man who has strong Irish heritage, the picture certainly evoke a sense of prolonged awe. I support anyone who has a sincere interest and talents that is uplifting and intriguing. Robert Carroll has created his own art form and I hope he continues to develop his talents further. His work can be found here

Gachrud Photographic

I would like to mention to Mr Carroll is that in life, you can only strive to be the best. Wanting to strive and wanting money is not a contradiction, whilst some aspiration may seem unrealistic to “some people” rest assured the Horizon beckons and I will forever heed the call.  

If your life was depicted in an image, would it be snapped up by a camera or traditionally created?

Aortic Musing

Its better to have loved and lost, than…

I was talking to a friend a little while ago, like most of our conversations the topics normally hover around food and relationships. Whilst both make the heart beat faster, especially food, the one that is more synonymous with hearts is relationships or love if you will. I suggested that wouldn’t it be great if we had a portal or window into the future and saw the person who you’d end up with. Like when you fast-forward a movie to reveal the plot. Wouldn’t it save a lot of time and hassle? Instead of wasting time with people who you will never connect with, just to be able to see the person you will ultimately have.

The notion sounds brilliant, some may argue that this distorts reality but don’t you feel this way sometimes. Where will I be in 10 years time? could reveal something you probably didn’t want to see. I keep trying to imagine my future, my life and relationships, I keep thinking about the ambivalent road ahead. The opacity is always overwhelming, so I reside myself to the strange thoughts in my head. The power of Why was discussed today and the power it holds, Why can I not see into the future? perhaps I am unworthy of the answer, or more harrowing, undeserving of one.

One thing I can be sure of is writing, there is no mystery in that, I muse, I write, I type in an endeavour to entertain. I weave words into the page and tantalise people, I suppose I will continue to do so. I sent a collection to a publisher to receive the usual rejection letter. I am afraid to be accepted now, fear I may have a heart attack if I were to receive an approval message. But the musing of the heart is a very powerful thing, the power of why is always present but the answer undoubtedly lies within the heart. I plan to unlock this through the continued conservation of my writing. Persistence does not require why.