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Even butterflies had to crawl before they could fly

Ladies & Gentlemen: I am back, although I never really went away. I will explain fully the reasons for my hiatus but at a later date. For now I just want to end the neglect of the website. Things have worked well, others have not. While I try to re-build my life after these past few  tumultuous months, I thank you for staying with me. Especially those people, who helped me through some dastardly times I have had as of late. Its not been fun guys, I have felt broken, sub-human almost at what has transpired against me.

However, it has happened for the best, one door closes – many more open. Although I felt defeated and disgraced to some degree, I am now slowly rebuilding myself. Its been an eye-opener, believe me – I had no idea things would happen the  way they did. But, the way forward now has my concentration and so far I would like to put forward some thoughts and ideas.

I have tried to make this website as interesting and entertaining as possible. It can only be as good as the contents. I admit, its not as interactive as I’d like it to be, teething problems still exist. My administrator hasn’t implemented the changes I had asked for, but no matter, the website is still live.

As for the horizon seekers – it hasn’t been the success as I had envisioned, though – I am not going to abandon it just yet, may be not ever. What I am going to do I add a new feature in the up-coming months, something similar but with different rules. I am also going to update a few current features and see how things go from there.

Once again, my apologies for having been away so long – it hasn’t been an easy time for me. But Thank you for being here regardless, stay tuned.

Live & Learn

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

I have one small criticism with this saying, they never tell you how many times you should try again. I think people who have become successful just try to confuse and convolute those who are trying to be successful. I have failed quite miserably this weekend. I was trying to launch my podcast feature this weekend, something I had pondered for over a year, much to my disgust I failed. The equipment let me down plus I hadn’t considered a few preliminary factors.

I thought something could be salvageable but was sorely mistaken, thankfully my friend was forthcoming. We have rescheduled the podcast for another date close by and we will be ready this time. Later in the day I went to a book signing, it was for the children’s author Aisha Mirza and her story Time for bed Zayd. Her friends and family had come from miles around to see her big moment. Aisha was absolutely glowing with the love and attention she was receiving, I was moved by her reading, really I was of a children’s book.

I spoke to an old friend and had a brief catch up, when I left I felt quite sad. You could put it down to jealousy but what I was truly pondering was my own career. I had now seen someone enjoy success first hand, and there I was enjoying the tatters of my dreams. Whilst I spoke to my friends he told me that we are writers in the company of writers, what we should be is writers in the company of readers. The parable of this could be fishermen throwing nets in a swimming pool with one fish swimming inside. Not exactly the most successful or intelligent of ventures.

I never really got a straight answer for my questions, but then I never do, what I did get was go where the readers are. Suddenly I did a little research into the matter, If I am a horror writer then where are the horror readers? My research confirmed what my friend had told me to do. This is not going to the absolute measure of success but I am going to give wattpad a go. Posting a chapter of my book fortnightly to generate a following. To what end I am not sure, but I am tired of failure.

So what have I learnt?

- Technology is temperamental

- don’t rely on others for success

- naivety deserves no quarter in life

- know yourself before you make assumptions about others

- things can go wrong, no matter how well you plan

The only thing I can do now is just plod along as always, you live and learn, simple as that.

Tick the box

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


By now I hope you all have gathered that I have a love for quotes, proverbs and cliche’s. But this website is so much more than talking, Everything I speak about I have done or hope to do, I’m talking about physical application. About doing and not just saying, we lose ourselves at the best of times. Someone commented on a post that they weren’t sure where I get my information from, well I’ll tell you – I either learnt it from someone or something, if not that then I learnt it by making mistakes in life.

We all aspire for a fantastic life, in the pursuit we lose ourselves in the mundane and forget we ever had dreams. Years ago when I would stay up late because I had problems sleeping, not much has changed, I used to just glare at the TV in the dark like Ed Norton in Fight Club. There were the usual nonsense selling weight loss formula, fitness dvds, music collections or home appliances. There was one that confused me, basically it was about a guy standing on a stage yelling at the audience and everyone was screaming, crying, laughing and high-fiving. Little did I know I would come to know that guy very well.

Basically the guy was Tony Robbins, a lifestyle guru of some sort that has techniques both physical and mental that could aid you in becoming better in your personal and/or professional endeavours. The more forward-thinking friends in my congregation would sing his praises after reading his books. I don’t like reading all that much, love writing but not reading. So one day a friend hands me the audio to one of his programs and for 6 months on a daily basis I attempted to get grips with myself. I looked at triggers, patterns and development areas. I became obsessed with self-improvement, then something horrible happened, I gave up.

I had done it for so long it became boring and un-fulfilling,I forgot the basic lesson Tony was trying to give. No one person has the exact answer because we are all different, what I should have done is try different techniques. There are so many different lifestyle gurus out there, why didn’t I look around? Take for example Paul Mckenna, who began career as a television hypnotist, now he has audio CDs and books that help you get the type of life you want. His good friends Richard Bandler or the incredible Dale Carnegie. There is so much immense talent out there, never settle for one mentor – have a few.

Most of us have heard of Gok Wan, I made the mistake of watching one of his shows once. This man is on a mission to make women feel good about themselves as they are. Every episode he is trying to get them naked, be comfortable with their bodies and appreciate life. There are tears, there are hugging fits and inappropriate displays of flesh but this guy is trying to help women. Personally I can’t get past his androgyny, but no one can deny that this person is a lifestyle guru for women who have lost hope in their bodies. 

Inspiration doesn’t need to come from celebrities or icons, they can come from friends and loved ones. One mate gave me the pep talk of a life time saying the only reason why I am not achieving is because I am procrastinating all the time. Another friend told me to keep a personal life goal journal. Now I carry with me a task lists book. I put tasks in it the all the tasks I have to fulfil and tick the box when I do. The psychological victory you feel is immense. In the brain it is registered as a victory and the more boxes you tick the better it feels.

Never settle for anything less than the best, always strive especially when things look bleak, If you fail at least you succeeded where others didn’t try, celebrate – literally celebrate the victories you have no matter how small and above all else live life lovingly.