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Podcast: Entrepreneurialism

In this instalment of Yasir’s Horizon Seekers we meet Waqas Ali, a budding entrepreneur on the cusp of realising his potential. Watch the video to see insights into how his mind works and his journey.

The video link can be found in the Yasir’s Horizons Seekers section of this website. I hope you enjoy the show, hopefully many more to come.

Podcast: Motivation & Life

It took a while coming but finally it is here, the technology has been temperamental but losing quality information for the sake of low volume hardly seems fair. I finally managed to record the first show, where a very powerful subject was discussed. I invite you to share the video as you see fit.

The video link can be found in the Yasir’s Horizons Seekers section of this website. I hope you enjoy the show, hopefully many more to come.

Silence is Golden

“loose lips, sink ships”

Following on from my obsession with the orient and ninjas, there are a few more things I’d like to share. When I was younger, and still obsessed with ninjas, I’d always play computer games with ninjas in them. I loved creeping, hiding in the shadows, stalking targets and doing missions. It got so bad that I almost started doing that in real life, before someone entered the room I’d quietly hide somewhere, then jump out and scare them. Not a very healthy lifestyle, especially if you start doing that at work. You would need to keep quiet at all times otherwise the baddies would hear and come after you.

I suppose I will never get over ninjas but I won’t become one any time soon. I get criticised by friends at times for not hanging out, going on dinner outings or general get-togethers. I’ve become a social ninja of sorts, that I hardly have time for other people. My question is how do you pursue your dreams if everyone is trying to get you to come out. In our gatherings we always talk about strategies that will propel us to our desired horizons, but when you take steps towards them you get criticised for being unsociable. I believe if you have intelligent, understanding friends you won’t need to make allowances.

One advice a friends gave me, which he claims he doesn’t remember, was that if you have a dream, goal, aspiration etc keep quiet about it. His reasoning was that if you share your wishes with people, they’ll ridicule you and find weaknesses in the idea. This is normally out of malice, jealousy or they are dissatisfied with their own life and don’t want you to be happy. His words have wisdom, if you had the world’s most expensive diamond in your safe, you wouldn’t necessarily tell the whole town, boast at you coffers. No doubt you would be hated, probably robbed, its best to keep quiet.

I’ve had trouble keeping quiet in the past, I always got too excited about and idea, tell the world only to be shot down. But when others have “good ideas” they speak with such reverence for their own mediocrity, it actually makes me sick. Yes, I have known many hypocrites in my times, so before I become one, I do have something to share with you. At present I believe silence is Golden because I would rather show you than tell you. And you will see exactly what I mean when the time comes, on here on this fantastic website.


Tick the box

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


By now I hope you all have gathered that I have a love for quotes, proverbs and cliche’s. But this website is so much more than talking, Everything I speak about I have done or hope to do, I’m talking about physical application. About doing and not just saying, we lose ourselves at the best of times. Someone commented on a post that they weren’t sure where I get my information from, well I’ll tell you – I either learnt it from someone or something, if not that then I learnt it by making mistakes in life.

We all aspire for a fantastic life, in the pursuit we lose ourselves in the mundane and forget we ever had dreams. Years ago when I would stay up late because I had problems sleeping, not much has changed, I used to just glare at the TV in the dark like Ed Norton in Fight Club. There were the usual nonsense selling weight loss formula, fitness dvds, music collections or home appliances. There was one that confused me, basically it was about a guy standing on a stage yelling at the audience and everyone was screaming, crying, laughing and high-fiving. Little did I know I would come to know that guy very well.

Basically the guy was Tony Robbins, a lifestyle guru of some sort that has techniques both physical and mental that could aid you in becoming better in your personal and/or professional endeavours. The more forward-thinking friends in my congregation would sing his praises after reading his books. I don’t like reading all that much, love writing but not reading. So one day a friend hands me the audio to one of his programs and for 6 months on a daily basis I attempted to get grips with myself. I looked at triggers, patterns and development areas. I became obsessed with self-improvement, then something horrible happened, I gave up.

I had done it for so long it became boring and un-fulfilling,I forgot the basic lesson Tony was trying to give. No one person has the exact answer because we are all different, what I should have done is try different techniques. There are so many different lifestyle gurus out there, why didn’t I look around? Take for example Paul Mckenna, who began career as a television hypnotist, now he has audio CDs and books that help you get the type of life you want. His good friends Richard Bandler or the incredible Dale Carnegie. There is so much immense talent out there, never settle for one mentor – have a few.

Most of us have heard of Gok Wan, I made the mistake of watching one of his shows once. This man is on a mission to make women feel good about themselves as they are. Every episode he is trying to get them naked, be comfortable with their bodies and appreciate life. There are tears, there are hugging fits and inappropriate displays of flesh but this guy is trying to help women. Personally I can’t get past his androgyny, but no one can deny that this person is a lifestyle guru for women who have lost hope in their bodies. 

Inspiration doesn’t need to come from celebrities or icons, they can come from friends and loved ones. One mate gave me the pep talk of a life time saying the only reason why I am not achieving is because I am procrastinating all the time. Another friend told me to keep a personal life goal journal. Now I carry with me a task lists book. I put tasks in it the all the tasks I have to fulfil and tick the box when I do. The psychological victory you feel is immense. In the brain it is registered as a victory and the more boxes you tick the better it feels.

Never settle for anything less than the best, always strive especially when things look bleak, If you fail at least you succeeded where others didn’t try, celebrate – literally celebrate the victories you have no matter how small and above all else live life lovingly.